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Studio Micah

Studio Micah Reception

Artful Hair

Studio Micah is an open concept, inclusive space to experience premium hair salon services in a relaxed atmosphere. We are located in the rapidly developing Tranquille corridor on the North Shore of Kamloops.

Hair Services

  • Chrystina — Studio Micah
  • Emilie — Studio Micah
  • Magenta Mermaid — Hair by Emilie
  • Cotton Candy Unicorn  — Hair by Emilie
  • Multidimensional Blonde — Hair by Chrystina
  • So fun, so Playful, so Copper — Hair by Chrystina
  • Beautifully Blonde for the Summer — Hair by Chrystina
  • Spritely Pixie Bob Cool Blonde Style — Hair by Chrystina
  • Indigo, Purple, and Lavender — Hair by Emilie
  • Curtain Bang Shag — Hair by Emilie
  • Strawberry Blonde — Hair by Chrystina
  • Swoon Worthy Color — Hair by Emilie
  • Spring Transformation — Hair by Chrystina
  • Spring is in the Hair — Studio Micah
  • Colour Transformation — Hair by Emilie
  • Spring Hair — Studio Micah
  • Mullet — Hair by Emilie
  • Chocolate, Coffee, and Caramel — Hair by Emilie
  • Spring Look — Hair by Emilie
  • Beauty of a Balayage — Hair by Emilie
  • Copper, Ruby, and Tiger’s Eye — Hair by Chrystina
  • Champagne Balayage — Studio Micah
  • Rosé-All-Day — Hair by Emilie
  • Babylights — Hair by Chrystina
  • Serenity — Hair by Chrystina
  • Hair Tattoo and Viking Braid — Hair by Emilie
  • Magenta Babe — Hair by Chrystina
  • Dark Silver Fade — Hair by Chrystina
  • Perfect Look — Hair by Chrystina
  • Icy Blonde — Studio Micah

Studio Micah Hair Salon Offers:

  • Hair Cuts
  • Styling
  • Hair Colour
  • Texture Services
  • Hair Repair
  • Extensions

And Studio Micah carries the product lines Oligo, Joico, and Saco for all your at home care needs 💇

Embroidery For Sale

Embroidery For Sale

Sparrow Homemade

Have you ever wanted to hold a gorgeous piece of art in the palm of your hand? Sparrow Homemade has found a way! These beautifully detailed pieces are lovingly hand-stitched and ready to be the contrepiece of any wall. Take home a masterpiece and have someone else stab something 1,000 times so that you don’t have to!

The Trifecta

  • Cheers — Red Beard Cafe
  • Haircuts — Studio Micah
  • Chrystina Cutting Hair — Studio Micah
  • Neighbours — Studio Micah
  • Nick Tattoo — Bigfoot Tattoos
  • Chrystina Tattoo — Bigfoot Tattoos
  • Kelly, Nick, Clay —  — Red Beard Cafe
  • Kelly, Clay, Nick — Red Beard Cafe

Master Status: Achieved!

Here in our neighbourhood we have a term called The Trifecta: when someone achieves our original goal of symbiotic businesses by recieving a haircut, tattoo, and refreshments at our adjoining establishments.

Yesterday our brave warriors did just that! Congratulations to all who participated, and staff who served them! It’s a beautiful thing to see the support and sense of community here in our little corner of the North Shore 💖

A special thanks to Red Beard Cafe and Bigfoot Tattoos for being the raddest neighbours we could hope for 😍

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